Arsh Singh was born in Dubai and brought up in northern California and after periods living in India, the UK, and Canada has now settled in Los Angeles. Obsessed by the art of film-making from an early age, he often visualized music videos for his favorite artists and sought refuge in these celluloid worlds when times were tough. Initially, Arsh found himself on the other side of the lens, appearing in hugely successful Bollywood films such as Gold Bracelet (2005); the internationally-released horror film, Hotel Hollywood (2010); and All Out Dysfunktion! (2016), released digitally globally by Gravitas.

Despite these successes, as well as many other acting roles, including those in Punjabi music videos, he has resisted the temptation to become a film-maker himself – until now. His music videos are shot as literal short films, incorporating themes as much as showcasing the artist and the music. We follow characters from beginning to end with a positive message of self-belief, strength, and courage.

In 2018 Arsh flew to the music capital of the world, Nashville, TN and recorded tracks with producer John Kennedy who has worked with such artists as Lean Rhimes, Faith Hill, Emerson Hart. Arsh also decided to bring all the years of his vision to life by directing his music videos for the tracks. Arsh’s objective is to give the audience a new perspective on their lives.  An expanded vision to help individuals become better versions of themselves through finding their own strength.

A successful businessman, salsa/bachata and bhangra dancer, composer, musician, singer, actor, and director, it feels like it’s written in the stars that the world will soon be singing his songs and watching his videos.